LAF meeting – 02/07/2015


Minutes for meeting held 02/07/2015 (MSWord, 122kb)

Documents and presentations from meeting

Petition 1027 presentation (pdf, 6,911.2  Mb)

Petition 1027 summary of argument (pdf, 51  Kb)

Princethorpe Bid Heritage Sites map (pdf, 3,049.5  Mb)

Princethorpe Bid Potential Access Map (pdf, 3,030.2  Mb)

Princethorpe Woodlands consulation (doc, 7,356.0  Mb)



The Forum will meet on Thursday 2nd July 2015 at 7.00pm

WCC Offices, Committee Room 2, Shire Hall, Warwick.


1. Welcome and apologies for absence
2. Notes from the Chair
3. Notes from the Co-ordinator
4. Minutes from meeting on 19th March 2014
5. Coombe Abbey/Cubbington Project – Gina Rowe
6. Big Path Watch – Michael Bird
7. HS2
8. Footpaths on Floodplains crossing major highways
9. ROW Budgets
10. Suggested agenda items for next meeting
11. Date and Place of next meeting
12th November 2015 – Shire Hall, Warwick
Close by 9.00pm

Supporting documentation

LAF Agenda 02.07.2015 (msword, 81kb)
Protecting the UK’s Rivers
Rights of Way