LAF meeting – 06/11/2014


The LAF minutes from 06/11/2014 (msword, 76Kb)

Supporting documents

Draft Cycling Delivery Plan

Deregulation Bill – Marion Borman, WCC gave a presentation to the Forum, the slides are from Dave Waterman DEFRA. The presentation comes with a big health warning… “the presentation was very much summarised and needs to be read in conjunction with the Bill to assess the precise implications. It should also be noted that the Bill is still going through Parliament and there may be changes that are not reflected in the slides”.



The Forum will meet on Thursday 6th November 2014 at 7.00pm


  1. Welcome and apologies for absence
  2. Notes from the Chair
  3. Notes from the LAF Co-ordinator
  4. Minutes from meeting on 3rd July 2014
  5. Update from HS2
    Arun Mudiganti, Solihull
    – Dave McCann
  6. Deregulation Bill (Marion Borman)
  7. Presentation from Natural England
  8.  Any other business including election of Chair
  9.  Suggested agenda items for next meeting
  10.  Date and Place of next meeting 

Suggested dates for 2015

19th March
2nd or 9th July
12th November

 Close by 9.00pm

Agenda as a ms word document, 80Kb